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Tips For Purchasing a Pre-Owned Arter Grinder

Updated: May 8

unloading a pre-owned Arter grinder

The used machinery market has an array of used Arter grinders for anyone that is in the market for a pre-owned machine. When shopping for used equipment, it is to the buyer’s advantage to partner with the OEM of the equipment if possible. Doing this will provide the buyer with key information about the machine and possibly its prior ownership.

We have successfully worked with many customers when purchasing a used Arter grinder by providing them with key information to assist with valuing the machine and making an informed decision. Our experience has helped us to gather together these tips for purchasing a pre-owned Arter grinder.

  • Mindset - The chances are slim that any used machine you may be interested in purchasing will be one that is ready to perform to the best of its ability when you unload it at your facility. When working with a used machinery dealer, keep in mind that the used market is full of machines that are in need of repair, some need a complete rebuild.

  • Transparency – We strongly encourage you to contact us prior to making any agreements for purchase, even if the seller has told you that they already contacted us. As long as we have the serial number of the machine, we can provide you with the original OEM specs including the age of the machine. Other pertinent information that we may provide includes prior owners, original country that machine was shipped to, spare parts sold and repairs and rebuilds done to the machine by us.

  • Market – Shop the market and make sure you know all your options. We occasionally sell pre-owned machines and keep a close eye on the used machinery market to assist our customers looking for a certain model or size of machine. We also have customers that come to us to help them find a buyer versus using a used machinery dealer to offload their unwanted equipment.

  • Knowledge – Know what to look for in an Arter grinder that will significantly affect its performance. Here are a few items to check prior to agreeing to any purchase:

    • Spindle Operation

      • When the machine is running, is there excessive noise or vibration?

      • Request a run out of the spindle and T.I.R. value.

      • Does the spindle overheat when running?

      • In what condition is the hub?

    • Table Drive

      • When the table is rotating, is there excessive noise or vibration?

      • Request a run out of the table and T.I.R. (total indicated runout) value.

      • Does the table start and stop smoothly?

    • Traverse of the Machine Head

      • When the head travels forward and reverse, it should be a smooth operation continuously.

      • Condition of the ways, both V ways and flat ways.

    • Lube System

      • Is the lube pump functionable?

      • What is the visual condition of the reservoir?

      • Are the lube lines functioning properly and connected to the correct lube points?

    • Knee Assembly

      • Observe the tightness of the knee travel. If it’s too tight or too loose, there could be a screw problem or a problem with the ways.

      • What is the condition of the screw assembly?

      • Does the knee show excessive wear?

    • Hydraulics (if applicable to machine)

      • Pump

        • Is there excessive noise when it runs?

        • Are there any signs of leaking?

        • Does it overheat when running?

      • Valve (only on older Model B and Model D machines)

        • The head will not travel correctly if the valve is malfunctioning or worn.

        • This part was designed by Arter and is exclusive to their machines, but it is repairable by us.

    • Belt Driven Machines (non-hydraulic models)

      • Look for visible wear on pulleys.

      • Leather belts are replaceable.

    • Chuck Control

      • Arter supplied Electro-Matic chuck controllers for many years on their machines. Electro-Matic no longer services or makes new controllers, so we recommend replacement. Magna-Lock USA FluxMaster controllers are our first choice.

    • Newer Machines with PLC Controls

      • Make sure the machine is fully functional prior to purchasing. We have some back-up of PLC’s and some written programs that we can provide but we do not have all back-ups for all machines.

We offer Arter grinder inspection services in our facility. If you should purchase a pre-owned Arter grinder and want it shipped here prior to shipping to your location. We will perform some of the original testing that was done when the machine was first manufactured. Any abnormalities or concerns from the testing would be brought to your attention. Unfortunately, most used machinery dealers do not allow us to visit machines at a buyer’s request.

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By providing these tips and inspection services, we stand behind our brand and know that nearly all of the pre-owned Arter grinders have many decades left of precision grinding in them with proper care, repair and maintenance.


We offer OEM spare parts for all Arter grinders, free machine manuals when you register your grinder with us, field service and a lifetime of telephone support for the grinders.

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Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. is a Rockford, Ill. manufacturing company and is the OEM for Magna-Lock USA workholding, MagnaLift & Power-Grip lift magnets, and Arter Precision Grinding Machines as well providing surface grinding services. They are located at 5015 28th Ave. in Rockford, Ill. with a phone number of 815-962-8700. Check out more at


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