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Arter Sundstrand Chuck with blade Februa

The Model A

This model was first recorded in the company’s records dating back to 1916.  It was furnished with an 8” work table.  In 1917, they produced a 12” machine and identified the two models as A-8 and A-12.  In 1918 they added a 16” machine and referred to this as A-16.  They continued with this same basic design with modifications until 1935.  In 1936, extensive changes were made in the Arter machines.  The Model A machines were split into two styles.  The Model A-1 machines were built in 8” and 12” sizes using the old sleeve bearings, etc. in the wheel and chuck spindles.  An improved Model A machine, designated as Model A-3, was built in 12” and 16” sizes.  This machine had ball bearings in the work spindle and the wheel spindle used a plain bearing on the wheel end and a ball bearing on the sheave end.  It also had a two-stage disk type clutch and brake which was a substantial improvement.  All machines of Model A-1 and A-3 series, whether 8”’, 12” or 16” chuck sizes, have a wheelhead driven by a flat belt.  The later Model A’s have a motor mounted on the wheelhead with a Reeves drive to chuck spindle. 

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