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Used Arter Grinders for Sale

We are developing a network of Arter Grinder users that have spare machines that they would like to sell.  Most of these customers do not want to see the machine scrapped so they contact us in hopes of someone else wanting the grinder.  Once we agree to purchasing their machine, we move the machine to our factory and perform testing and evaluation on the machine based on the quality assurance testing established at the time of manufacture for that model.  Usually the testing can be completed within a three-day period.  After completion, we make any necessary repairs and adjustments to the grinder so that it can be resold.  A copy of the evaluation reports can be provided to the buyer of the grinder after the sale is completed. 

These used grinders vary in their level of grind quality, condition and missing parts.  It is our goal to bring each of them up to the level of superior quality precision grinding that is synonymous with the Arter brand.  If we cannot achieve that level, we will usually not immediately offer the grinder for resale and rebuild it instead.  When we rebuild a used grinder, we will provide a warranty for it.  If we sell the grinder after testing and evaluation, it is sold as is without a warranty however, we are confident that it will grind properly, or we would not sell it. 

We do not handle any other used machinery.  We are not affiliated with any used machinery dealers.  We believe in the superior surface grinding that an Arter grinder can deliver.  It is as simple as that.