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Spare Parts

We provide OEM spare part support for all Arter model rotary surface grinders including those manufactured by Sundstrand, White-Sundstrand, Centro-Metalcut, Inc., CMI, Tri-CAM, Inc. and Quantum Design, Inc.

It is imperative when ordering spare parts that the model and serial number of the machine be mentioned.  If the serial number does not appear on the nameplate, it may be stamped on the machine base. 

Pre-Owned Spare Parts

With maintanence costs being a large expense for most companies, we offer a cost effective way to keep up with maintaining your machine with pre-owned spare parts.

Parts are limited and are constantly changing, check out our listings below of pre-owned spare parts in stock below.

special top plate
CNC Model E
Electromagnetic Chucks and Fixtures

The table on all Arter grinders are supplied with an electromagnetic chuck that is satisfactory for holding parts as small as 1.5” diameter.  All new grinders include Magna-Lock USA electromagnetic chucks.  Top plate configurations of the chuck can be tear drop, tuning fork, concentric pole, radial pole or special designs requested by customers.  For some applications it is desirable to replace the electromagnetic chuck with a fixture or to mount the fixture on a plate and hold the plate on the chuck. 

If your electromagnetic chuck needs troubleshooting, including repair, we can offer quotes for these services. 

staggered face top plate
Tuning Fork Top Plate

Chuck Controllers

Various brands of chuck controllers have been supplied with Arter Grinders over the last century.  We offer Magna-Lock USA  Flux Master chuck controllers for all new machines.  We also can quote a replacement chuck controller for used models and rebuilds. 

SCC chuck control
F15MY1 chuck control
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