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Special Models

Model 132 - An automatic cylindrical grinder used to automatically grind, by the straight-in feed method, straight or tapered diameters such as are presented on roller bearings, valve push rods, value stem guides, pistons, piston pins, bushings, shafts and similar work which can be held on centering devices.

Model 135 - This model was a semi-automatic cylindrical grinder usually built and tooled for a specific operation such as grinding valve sleeves, tap blanks or motor armatures.


Model 140 - An automatic cylindrical grinder that was mainly a hydraulically operated machine used to grind by the straight-feed or plunge-out method, straight or tapered diameters on such work as can be held on centering devices.


Model 150 – Automatic head grinder machine that ground the end of value push rods, push rod adjusting screws, busings, etc. and was square conical or curved in relation to the axis.


Model 155 - An automatic end grinder that was a development of the Model 150. It was designed to grind at comparatively higher speeds, work of small end section where the area ground and the material removed was comparatively small.


Model 157 - This machine was an improved design of the Model 150 Head Grinder, and is used for grinding the heads of valves, tappets, bushings, pump gears and the like, square, conical, or curved in relation to the axis.


Model 159 - An End Grinder is a special design for grinding the large end of taperbodied rolls such as are used in roller bearings.

Model 160 - This machine was designed for grinding the heads or the ends of cylindrical parts such as tappets, valves, bushings, pump gears and the like. Such parts can be ground square, conical, flat or conical, or curved in relation to the axis.


Model 2-B – Automatic piston ring grinder that was a modified Model A-1 grinder with an indexing fixture and magazine loaded for grinding piston rings on one side only.


Model 200 Imperia Carbide Tool Grinder – A double table machine with the spindle arranged to take 6” diameter diamond wheels. Each table was mounted on two pivot plates and the mounting frame could be tilted to the angle required for grinding tools. Little information is available in the historical records of this model.


Model 216 - Very limited information is available in the historical documents of the company for this model. First appears in the records in 1947.


Model 250 -Jigmatic - The Arter Jigmatic is a digital tape controlled, rectilinear positioning table. It was designed to fit under radial drills, or could be supplied with a base and bracket to carry a Bridgeport drilling head. In either case, the drilling head is stationary, and positioning is accomplished by the compound motions of the Jigmatic table.


Model 3-A – Automatic piston ring grinder that was a special machine with a horizontal spindle mounted on a vertical slide to plunge grind piston rings in very quick cycles – one side only.


Model 301 - Manufactured from 1949 to 1959. This machine was designed primarily for grinding the sides of abrasive wheels. The table could be fitted with a three jaw chuck or a magnetic chuck and could be used for either wet or dry grinding.

Model 416 - A grinder that was developed in 1948 based on the Model 216. Automatic Ring Grinder - A high production grinder particularly adapted to "finish grinding" the sides of piston rings.


Model A-4 – Conventional A type machine similar to Model A-3 in 12” and 16” sizes. The motor was built into the wheelhead and represents Arter’s first attempt to eliminate the old flat belt drive to wheel spindle and was the first machine to have a ball bearing wheel spindle.


Models A6A and A6B – A modified Model A adapted for grinding sides of abrasive wheels flat. The Model 301 replaced this machine with very few being made. Model SG-1 - Production Spindle Grinder with a 6" chuck. Company history first shows this model March 1, 1937


Model VG-10 - The Model VG-10 is a vertical-column grinder with a rotary chuck spindle mounted directly on the face of the column. This model was manufactured from 1963 to the early 1970's by Sundstrand.

Model VG-10
Arter Jigmatic Model 250
tape machine
Arter Special Model
Arter Model A-6-A May 1944
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