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Arter CMI Model E

The Hydraulic Model E

CMI Model E

This model was originally designed by Arter Grinding Machine Company in the late 1940’s and is still sold today.  It is a saddle-type machine with the wheelhead mounted on a vertical side.  This design produces superior flatness and parallelism.  The biggest change from the Model D to Model E was that the spindle remains stationary and the table travels.  This change helped to greatly reduce vibration.  The first models made by Arter Grinding Machine Company were 12” and 16”.  The Model E has gone through the most revisions and updates of all the models.  Sundstrand and Centro-Metalcut, Inc. additionally built the hydraulic machines and added improvements.  During Tri-CAM, Inc. ownership of the product line, they removed the hydraulics from this model and introduced servo drives making this model a CNC machine.  You can learn more about our current generation CNC machine here.  Unfortunately, the hydraulic Model E is no longer manufactured but we offer rebuild/repair services and replacement parts for all hydraulic Model E grinders. 

Arter Model F 1957

The Model F

This model was introduced in the late 1950’s by Arter Grinding Machine Company just before they sold out to Sundstrand.  This model was available only in 12” and had lower horsepower and the table was able to slide due to the rack and pinion from a reversing mechanism.  It is assumed that these features were introduced for economic purposes.  It was a mechanically operated machine as contrasted with the Model E which is hydraulically operated.  This model was obsoleted soon after its introduction. 

Arter Model E
Sundstrand Arter Model E
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