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Arter Model E CNC

The Arter Recovery Project

Reviving a staple of USA Manufacturing

Since 1916, there have been thousands of Arter rotary precision surface grinders produced for use on the international stage.

When we at Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. purchased the brand in 2018, we had one goal, bring back relevance to a brand that has influenced the way surface grinding developed through the 20th century.

With the Arter Recovery Project, we look to document, provide service, and bring the brand to the front of the rotary precision surface grinding market once again.

When registering your Arter, we aim to provide:

  • Free manual upon sign up for your model

  • Access to our trained Arter technicians round-the-clock

  • OEM spare parts

  • Latest product updates

  • Exclusive blog content, helping you make the most of your grinder

  • And more to come

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