The Model C

This model was a smaller version of the Model B hydraulic machine and came in 8”, 12” and 16” sizes.  Model C grinders differed principally from the other models in that a motor was built directly into the wheel head for driving the wheel spindle.  It was first introduced in 1936.  The Model C machine was not a popular model and was obsoleted in 1954.

The Model D

This model was actually a redesigned Model C and was built in 12” and 16” sizes.  It was introduced in the 1939 and not really pushed until after World War II.  This model had improvements designed to obtain a high degree of accuracy and fine finish.  On these models the spindle traveled, and the table remained stationary.  This model was built by Arter Grinding Machine Company, Sundstrand and Centro-Metalcut, Inc.  Although the Model D is obsolete, many are still in operation today.  They are serviceable and most spare parts are available for this model if they can be identified.

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