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The Importance of a Serial Number on an Arter Surface Grinder

Updated: May 8

With over 100 years of manufacturing as a brand, Arter precision grinders have seen a large number of changes to different models, meaning two machines might have slightly different modifications to them even though they are the same model letter.

Arter A3 surface grinder rebuild
As a rebuild takes place of an Arter, the serial number allows for proper spare parts and assembly

This is why, upon a new request, the serial number is of highest priority for us to collect. With any new spare parts, repairs, and full-on rebuilds, knowing a serial number of a machine is imperative to properly machining those parts and getting the surface grinder up and running once again.

A good example of this is the Model D and the Model H. The Model D was produced by the Arter Grinding Machine Company, Sundstrand, and Centro-Metalcut, Inc. during their periods of time owning the Arter brand. In all, that is over 60 years of Arters being produced for one model, with modifications and improvements being made over time.

Arter Model H
The Arter Model H received many modifications and improvements over it's history of production

The Model H is in a similar situation, with Sundstrand beginning production of the model with Centro-Metalcut and Tri-CAM also producing and modifying the model, spanning nearly 30 years.

It is incredibly difficult to maintain a machine without the correct parts. Providing us with a serial number for your Arter surface grinder will ease that pain and help us provide you with the best service to keep your machine running.



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