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Precision Grinding for Over a Century

From vintage grinding machines to our most current CNC rotary surface grinder, we have over 100 years experience behind us.  

Arter Grinding Machines
Arter CNC Model E

Arter ginders have always been committed to helping our customers achieve the finest precision ground parts desirable for their exact application.  The secret of Arter’s superior finish lies in the grinding method.  All grinding is done on the outer edge of the wheel.  The work is held on an electromagnetic chuck and revolved as the wheel touches it in a smooth circular motion.  The work touches the grinding wheel at only one point and surfaces can be ground to extremely fine tolerances.  Our current Model E grinder is offered in a range of sizes and specifications to suit most rotary surface grinding needs.

Arter Grinding Machine

Our engineering records date back over one hundred years ago with nearly 20 documented Arter grinder base models in the historical archives of the company.  

We provide OEM spare part support, machine rebuilds and field services for all Arter model rotary surface grinders.

Visit our library of  vintage brochures and reference materials  for Arter Grinders.  Submit inquiry for machine manuals.


A referral is the highest honor we can receive from a customer.  

Smooth, concentric surface finishes are synonymous with Arter grinders.  Now, more than ever, such smoothness and accuracy are a vital necessity for component parts used in the automotive, aerospace, mining, defense, medical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and numerous other industries.  No matter what the job---specialized parts, assemblies or entire machines---we welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do.

"The team at Arter Grinders is very knowledge in the world of their rotary surface grinders.  I feel very lucky to have been able to work with them in getting my old grinder working again."

Robert, Arter Grinder Customer

"We purchased our used Arter grinder 5 years ago and in that time, there has not been a day go by that it has not been used."

Adam, Arter Grinder Customer

“Nothing grinds as flat as my Arter.  It consistantly holds a tolerance of .0001" on my parts."

Loyal Arter Grinder Operator

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